Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Stocking Stuffers - Kids Necklaces - Gifts Under $15

Adorable collection of Winter and Christmas themed necklaces just add to the Little Wee Shop
Great stocking stuffer under $15!

Look at all these little winter characters with their little boots and mittens on.  Hand drawn by me, so totally unique!  Sure to bring a smile to any child's face this Holiday season.  So cute for Christmas photos too. My son adores the little fox.  Made from little tree twigs, almost like Santa's Elves really made them in a winter forest workshop.

Super sweet Christmas Mouse complete with his little Christmas tree sweater

Great alternative to decorate a gift this year.  Makes for the perfect size gift tag.

Come see the entire Christmas collection at 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Bacon Ornaments - Funny Ornaments - Quirky Ornaments - Gag Gift - Gift for him

BACON - That's Right Bacon ornaments!

   We all know that special someone that LOVEs BACON and Christmas seems to be that special holiday that begins with the smell of bacon sizzling.  For that hard to buy for guy... shop no more.  The BACON ornament is here! - complete with a 
Bacon gift tag.  

 It's beginning to look a lot like BACON!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Gifts under $15 - Modern Necklace - Winter Necklace - Christmas Necklace

Lovely gift for the rustic outdoorsy type.  Made from a piece of tree!  How fitting.  
 From Little Wee Shop
Great gift for under $15.  

Great as an alternative gift tag too!

LET is Snow!  Says it all. Gift for that avid skier in your family.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Little Baby Carrots - Container Gardening - Planting Vegetables from seed.

This past spring the kids and I picked up some carrot seeds to take a stab at container gardening.  I'm great with flowering plants but know nothing about vegetables.  We used some recycled take out food containers to get the little seeds going inside in the spring.  That worked great, our own little greenhouse.  Don't store your greenhouse too close to the window as it causes the seedlings to bend over and can actually make them too tall and thin.  It was a great learning tool too.  I was able to teach the kids about how the little seeds generate their own heat as they grow and the condensation on the lid provides water for them. 
We took them out of their little green house when they were just an inch or so high and planted them in some small containers in the yard.  We watched and waited the entire summer, then just a few weeks ago I had the kids do a mini harvest.

 One lesson learned, our containers weren't quite tall enough, we ended up with little stubby carrots but the kids thought they were hilarious in shape.  My daughter carried those little carrots around for hours calling them her little babies... how sweet is that?  I must admit she now has a new found love for eating carrots too - I didn't really think it would impact their taste for them but it did.

 We had a small bit of space left in the container so I grabbed some mini purple potatoes that had begun to sprout in our cupboard and threw those in too.  Not quite as successful, we yielded one tiny baby potato, but my daughter loved it too.  All in all, we'll try it again next year.