Tuesday, September 22, 2015

How to Pin your Etsy Shop - How to create an Etsy Shop Pinterest Board - 5 Steps to a Create a Pinterest Board for your Etsy Shop

Step by Step Tips for Creating a  
KILLER Pinterest Board 
for your Etsy Shop

1. Open a Pinterest Business Account

Customers will take your business much more seriously if you are using a Pinterest Business Account as apposed to your personal account.  It is also a requirement under Pinterest policies. 

2. Create a Board with your Shop name as its title.

Click the Create a board icon. 
Title it the same name as your shop. 
Give it an eye catching Cover photo (Nothing too busy)

For examples come follow Little Wee Shop's Etsy board here:


Create a concise Description including what your shop specializes in but not too wordy.
Include your shop URL, hashtags appropriate to your shop and brand and consider adding a hashtag of your shop name.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Baby's First Christmas Ornament - 2016 Baby's First Christmas

Begin an ornament tradition with some of these adorable 
Baby's First Christmas Ornaments

 Sure to be a life long keepsake.  
***Personalize with your baby's name and birth year***
Come find these and so many other designs at www.LittleWeeShop.etsy.com